1.  Who are L-EV8 Marketing and Great British Discounts?

Great British Discounts is a Member online discounts programme which brings together exclusive online retailer discounts across many different lifestyle categories in an online portal. For a fee Members can join and enjoy access to the Great British Discounts programme. Great British Discounts is operated by L-EV8 Marketing, a leading provider of subscription based online consumer programmes. You can access Great British Discounts at where you will need your username and password to avail of offers. Your username and password will be sent to you as part of your Welcome Email.

2. How can I contact Great British Discounts?

To contact Great British Discounts you can call us on our free phone number, 08000 394 053, where we will be delighted to resolve your enquiry. Alternatively, you can email your full name, address, post code and query to or send us a letter to 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.

3. If I contact Great British Discounts, How long before I receive a response to my email query?

Great British Discounts will send you an automated response immediately upon receipt of your email to acknowledge receipt. Depending on when you email us, our Customer service will get back to you within the following times:

Emails received Monday – Thursday are responded to within 12 working hours

Emails received Friday – Sunday are responded to within 36 working hours

4. What is a Trial Period?

On joining Great British Discounts, when you registered your details and accepted our Terms and Conditions, you entered a Trial Period. This trial period gives you access to all the great offers available in Great British Discounts. After the trial period, you will be charged a monthly or an annual membership fee (depending on price plan) for continued access to offer on Great British Discounts.

5. What is Cashback and How do I claim?

On joining Great British Discounts you may be entitled to a Cashback incentive. If you qualify for Cashback it will be awarded via a pre-paid MasterCard. To check if you are entitled to a Cashback incentive simply visit and go to My Profile. Instructions on how to claim Cashback are detailed there.

A pre-paid MasterCard is a debit card that has the value of our cashback offer on it when you receive it.  This can be used in any retailer that accepts MasterCard or alternatively the funds can be withdrawn from any ATM. Please note that you will be liable for some fees around the use of pre-paid MasterCard’s which are related to the Issuer.

6. How can I save money with Great British Discounts?

Great British Discounts gives you access to Member only Exclusive offers covering all popular categories from Fashion and Accessories to Health and Beauty. We have sourced these offers exclusively for our Members and continue to exciting new offers each month. Visit to view these exclusive offers and details of how to avail. We take the hard work out of finding deals for you.

7. User Experience Issues

If you are experiencing any difficulties while trying to login or while using the Great British Discounts website , email us on where our customer care team will assist you.

8. I want to cancel my membership, how do I do this?

We are confident you will enjoy the exclusive offers as a Great British Discounts Member but we understand you may wish to cancel your membership because circumstances can change. We have made the cancellation process as convenient as possible and you can cancel Online, by Phone, by Email or by Post.

Cancel Online:

The simplest most efficient way you can cancel your membership is by logging onto our customer service portal and entering your account details or by accessing your membership account at select ‘Profile’ and choose the option ‘I want to cancel my membership’.

Cancel by Phone, Email or Post:

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service department on 08000 394 053 or by emailing us at or in writing to 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, UK.

Once you have cancelled you will receive confirmation by email and you will not be charged any further. In any correspondence, your cancellation can be made easier if you have the following information:

  • Great British Discounts Member ID (provided in your Welcome email)
  • First name and Surname
  • Postcode

9. Are my details safe with Great British Discounts?

Great British Discounts are certified compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. To be compliant means that we have fulfilled the security requirements issued by the likes of Visa and, MasterCard to create a consistent security standard for protecting customer cardholder information.

10. How much is the membership?

The membership fee is dependent on the promotion you have agreed to, for example the cost of a monthly membership fee is different to that of an annual membership fee. Membership rates are clearly outlined during the registration process as well as in your ‘welcome email’.

11. Lost Welcome email

If you do not receive your Welcome Email within 2 hours of sign-up, we advise that firstly you check your spam mail folder incase the unrecognised mail was redirected there. Failing that, please contact our customer service team either by mail at

12. What are Discounted Gift Cards?

We enable customers to purchase gift cards on our site at discounted rates. To purchase a gift card simply login to and selection Gift Cards. Here you can browse a selection of available gift cards and follow the simple steps to purchased. Once you payment is processed successfully your order will be placed and dispatched by post. Please allow 10 days for delivery of gift cards. Instructions on how to use will be included on the Gift Card along with retailer specific terms and conditions. If you have ordered a gift card and it has not arrived, allowing at least 10 working days, you can email us at and we will respond.

13. What is GB Discounts 08000 394 053 on my Credit Card Statement?

We use "GB Discounts 08000 394 053" as a billing descriptor for transactions related to our services and will appear on your statement. This is the monthly/annual fee charged for continued access to offers on Great British Discounts.

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